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About Us

Boba Lab's Mission

Boba Lab’s mission is simple. With uncompromising service, we want dazzle and delight our customers with the most delicious handcrafted boba beverages and freshly prepared pastries.

It Starts With Our Water. Boba Lab uses one of the most sophisticated commercial reverse osmosis water systems in the industry. This gives us an unmatched level of purity of water and ice used in our handcrafted beverages. This is just one example of the level of detail we care about in our products.

Then it's our obsession with making the most delicious handcrafted beverages and freshly prepared pastries. Our goal is to dazzle and delight you with our creations. We won't settle for anything less.


We also run our business according to principles that we truly believe in:

Boba Lab’s Five Guiding Principles

In today’s competitive business landscape, success in any organization requires a positive top down culture, and an operating philosophy that is meaningful and practical. As such, Boba Lab’s founders are driven by the following five principles. We encourage every team member to remember them, understand them, and apply them.

1. Do whatever you are doing with pride, accountability, and purpose.

2. Always strive to provide the highest quality product and service.

3. Treat people with respect, honesty and kindness.

4. Think how your actions will impact others.

5. Be direct and set up the people around you for success.

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