Craft your own beverage with our boba kit! Milktea, Fruit Tea or both!.

*Boba Topping standard for all others. Select from the extra topping if you wish to add more toppings (Additional $).

*All kit comes with standard Non-dairy Creamer. If you wish to add or change your dairy option, select from the dairy options (additional $).

Extra Toppings
Dairy Option
  • What's in the box?

    -2.2oz Full-leaf Tea

    -12oz Organic Agave

    - 24 oz Tapioca Balls (uncooked)

    - 4 Tea Filters

    - 10.4oz Nondairy Creamer

    -6 oz Dark Brown Sugar

    -1 Measuring Spoon

  • * Bamboo straw sold separately.

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